by Frederick M. Pinto, SVP and Head of Asset Management, NEI Investments and Aviso Wealth.

Learn why NEI is launching its climate strategy now, and how we’re stepping up our fight against climate change.

The following blog entry is taken from the introduction to NEI Climate Strategy: Commitment (pdf), published November 4, 2021.

Helping companies align their businesses to address and mitigate the risks of climate change has been central to NEI’s corporate engagement strategy for the last 20 years. So why a distinct climate strategy for NEI? And why now?

Today, in response to the urgency of the global climate crisis, we are witnessing a dramatic acceleration in the pace of corporate and investor commitments to climate action. There is a growing consensus around the imperative of aligning business strategies with the Paris Agreement’s global goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. And increasingly, net zero is becoming the lens through which climate strategies are being assessed by investors. That is the lens we have always used to focus our external engagements. And it is the lens we will use in our climate strategy to measure the progress of our entire business against the collective goals of net zero.

Meeting those collective net-zero ambitions will take leadership. That’s a role we’re comfortable with. We have built our reputation by shaping meaningful responses to the social and environmental challenges we face every day. This is what we do. The NEI Climate Strategy is another step in that leadership journey. Our climate strategy plots the roadmap for our net-zero future by identifying six foundational pillars: net-zero alignment; active ownership; climate-focused investment solutions; policy, standards, and collaborations; transparency and reporting; and internal alignment. Some of these pillars—like our active ownership and policy work—are well established. Others, like the development process behind our investment solutions, will now need to prioritize net-zero considerations. Ultimately, every aspect of our business will be reshaped by our climate strategy and the commitment to address the climate crisis that it signifies.

That’s a vital message to deliver to our most important stakeholders—our investors. Our climate strategy and the activities that support it will give our investors confidence that their investments with NEI are driving positive change, in addition to growing their wealth. By clearly defining our climate response, we will ensure their money will have a direct impact on the climate crisis, helping contribute to a better future for them, for their families, and for the planet.

From the introduction to NEI Climate Strategy: Commitment (pdf).