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Teaming Up On Solutions For High CEO Pay

by NEI Investments. We organized an investor working group to discuss ideas for narrowing the pay gap between top executives and everyday employees. The challenge of reining in excessive CEO pay is a big one, but a group of concerned and influential players is taking steps toward solutions. NEI hosted a roundtable discussion in October with over a dozen participants, [...]

Three ESG Turning Points Of 2021

by Michela Gregory, Director, ESG Services The year brought heightened awareness of environmental and social issues—and that’s a good thing. In the world of active ownership, it feels like the ground has shifted. Several things happened in 2021 that turned environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into front-page news in a way that will make it hard to sideline these [...]

Highlights of COP26

by NEI Investments. Our Chief Investment Officer and Director of Corporate Engagement are back from Glasgow with a renewed sense of purpose toward climate change. Now that the United Nations’ COP26 conference is over and the Glasgow Climate Pact has been signed, John Bai and Jamie Bonham take a moment to reflect on all they heard and to discuss what’s [...]

Supporting a surge in shareholder proposals

by Hasina Razafimahefa. This year marked a dramatic turning point in shareholder activism, with more majority votes on ESG proposals in a single year than we have ever seen. Editor’s note: This article first appeared in our Q3 Active Ownership Report. Proxy voting season this year reinforced and advanced some notable trends we’ve been observing across our 3 focus themes [...]

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