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An honest assessment of ESG hype

July 31, 2020 Right now, as we look at the COVID economy, there’s no question that ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) considerations have never been viewed as more important by investors. This is a good and promising development, for the most part. But it comes with an element of “hype” that that presents new challenges for longstanding ESG practitioners. As [...]

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As the ‘green shoots’ of stakeholder capitalism wither, active engagement may bring them back to life.

July 24, 2020 The immediate response from companies to the COVID-19 crisis proved that they could respond to interests much broader than just those of their shareholders. For the first time, across multiple industries, management stepped up to address the needs of employees, customers and communities. We saw it as the ‘green shoots’ growth of stakeholder capitalism. And it was [...]

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Are engagement and divestment equal parts of the change equation?

July 17, 2020 Owning companies and engaging with management is a proven means of driving positive change. We know this because we practically invented the strategy. We also understand that this includes the reality that divestment may be required. It’s how engagement and divestment work together that highlights the effectiveness of NEI’s RI approach. At NEI we have always contended [...]

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When society talks, even Facebook can’t ignore the issues

July 10 ,2020 When it comes to responsible corporate behaviour, you don’t get to choose the issues that will become the most important to your customers and investors. Not even the world’s most dominant companies are exempt from societal pressures that demand change. This includes Facebook. Two years ago, we wrote a blog about investor challenges with Facebook. In the [...]

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